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It’s easy for training plans to go astray in businesses. By ensuring that the all the stakeholders — including the VPs and Operations Heads, HR Managers, Line Managers, Trainers and Trainees; are on the same page.


We help you to measure the Return on Investment of learning, by tracking advanced learning metrics and giving you an insight into the big picture.


coachlabs gives all stakeholders access to training management software within the platform, which has extensive details on the Trainee’s action plan and commitment to change. With the peer review and public promise, everyone has visibility into the ongoing training method. By examining the catalogues and data, coachlabs makes it easy for you to see the gaps in knowledge and where to focus education.


Works with any training program
Conduct in-house or external training programs and Track with us

Knowledge sharing
Make training a multi-channel knowledge sharing activity by allowing participants to upload additional files.

Solve Business Problems by Brainstorming
Share issues with the team to get unbiased opinions

Return On Investment of Training –
Calculate ROI of any training.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Training
All stakeholders can view how effective the training has been, what changes it has brought to the organization by each and every individual who attended the training

Easy Access
In the books - All material, trainees personal notes and course content is saved on our databases, making it easy for you to revisit at any point.

Quick launch Upload content, invite users and start tracking results in a matter of hours!